St. George Area Parade of Homes

St. George Parade of Homes in Southern Utah

Founded in 1991, the St. George Area Parade of Homes is a nationally recognized custom home show event in St. George, Utah. The Parade of Homes features custom homes throughout the St. George area that range from low $100's to over $2 million. Visitors flock from all over Utah and the country each year to get new building ideas and techniques. The Parade festivities are held annually in mid-February beginning President's Day weekend and runs for 10 days. It is sponsored by the Southern Utah Home Builder's Association. It was recently announced that the 2016 St. George Parade of Homes will feature twenty-eight spectacular new homes throughout Southern Utah. 

Self-Guided Tour of One-of-a-Kind Masterpiece Homes

The Parade of Homes is a self-guided tour offering an opportunity for established, prospective residents and visitors to see what is new and innovative in the southern Utah home building industry. The homes are one-of-a-kind masterpieces set among beautiful landscapes and feature ony the best in home technology and design, southwest architecture of which can only be found in southern Utah. The homes are required to be decorated and landscaped. Visitors have made the St. George Area Parade of Homes a yearly tradition because of the fascinating new ideas that can only be found during this event. Many unique features are included in these homes highlighting the outstanding craftsmanship and talented local artists. Whether it is your first year attending or your 25th, each time is a new, fun, learning experience.

What we loved about our experience at St. George Parade of Homes

I remember the first time I went to the St. George Parade of Homes. I will never forget the amazing home I walked through in Leeds, Utah. I remember marveling at the incredible moldings and the very unique southwest style. The entire backside of the house was glass and had one of the most incredible unobstructed views of the red mountain in the distance. We just happened to be there as the sun was going down so we were able to get just a small glimpse of the majestic sunset against the red rock. I told my wife, "Honey, I'm sorry, but that might be the most beautiful sight I've ever seen - we are coming here every here." She agreed. We have been coming ever since.

The homes are so unique to the St. George style and desert climate and architecture. Our favorite house had a huge 30 foot ceiling with exposed beams, almost desert rustic, and had a pool with a rock cave. But, the coolest part was that the family room and the back patio were only separated by a floor to ceiling window that could be pushed aside and tucked away like a sliding door. This made it so the entire interior now became part of the exterior poolside patio. 

We loved it and ended up spending a week off and on touring homes. Many of the homes were spread across the whole region so some homes took 30-40 minutes to get to. But, that's also what made it fun because you could enjoy the scenic desert red rock mountains along the way. It's definitely not a time to rush through it like you may in other areas. You take your sweet time at St. George Parade of Homes. Take a pad of paper and your camera to document new home decor and gadgetry ideas. Some homes are fully equipped smart homes. We loved it and highly recommend laying out which homes to see along the map route. Be sue to study what homes you want to see and plan your route to maximize your time and to avoid the big crowds. We sat down on the sofas and took 30 minutes or so to take in the energy of the homes - let them talk to us. It made for a beautiful, creatively-inspiring moment. If you plan to build a home or remodel, it is here where you let your mind run with ideas and ensure you don't forget them.  

Take notes, meet the designer and builder and ask questions

Stroll through the homes, take notes and ask questions of the designers and the home builder. This is a great resource to help you in your idea gathering for your new home or remodel, or to just give you insight on how things were created for that home you fall in love with at St. George Parade of Homes.  

Vacation Home Accommodations for the St. George Parade of Homes

We offer vacation rentals in St. George Utah for the St. George Parade of Homes at the new Paradise Village at Zion in Santa Clara. Homes featured in the parade are scattered throughout the St. George area, so staying at Paradise Village in private vacation homes surrounding a beautiful pool and clubhouse, makes it the perfect home base for your family and friends who are visiting with you.

It is the perfect way to make the Parade of Homes into a vacation stay as well. Since the Parade lasts for 10 days, you can enjoy touring several homes spread out over several days, and take in some golf, or a day at the spa or pool in between. For groups visiting St. George to attend the parade, you have the flexibility to rent multiple vacation homes inside the village to accommodate up to 40-50 people comfortably at a great price, and enjoy being together in private home accommodations in a village-style atmosphere and amazing mountain views of Snow Canyon. 

To make your vacation home reservations for St. George Parade of Homes, call Utah's Best Vacation Rentals (801) 747-0218 or book online from this website.

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