St. George Marathon

St. George Marathon

The St. George Marathon is held annually on the first Saturday in October in St. George, Utah. The race is considered a point-to-point race and is sanctioned by the USA Track & Field. The marathon has been running for 37 years since 1976. The "Runner's World" magazine named the St. George Marathon the most organized marathon. One of the neat unique things about this marathon is how many volunteers support it and help to put it on.

The Perfect Marathon to Build a Vacation Around

Many runners when surveyed rate the St. George Marathon as one of best marathons in the world to couple your vacation around when competing in southern Utah. We definitely agree and suggest it! Bring your family and friends to support you running in the marathon. Explore nearby Zion National Park, Snow Canyon hikes, historic sites in downtown St. George, or take an adventure tour to see the little known areas of southern Utah. Rent several vacation homes at the new Paradise Village in Santa Clara where you can all be together. Santa Clara is minutes to Snow Canyon and St. George so it is easy access to the race and makes it perfect for a home base for everyone between events. 

The St. George Marathon is one of the few marathons voted in Runner`s World as the 10 Most Scenic and Fastest Marathons and ranks in the top 20 Marathons in the United States. You will easily see why when you participate, especially if you have never been to St. George or southern Utah before. The run begins in the towering, majestic Pine Valley mountains, and descends gradually as much as 2,600 feet through scenic southwest Utah, to the beautiful Worthern Park. The St. George Marathon is considered a point-to-point race which is USA Track & Field Certified & Sanctioned. Runner`s World listed the St. George Marathon as the fastest fall marathon. It is a quite fun race and beyond scenic - you'll love it! Plan your vacation today. 

A Fun Community Event in St. George

Local St. George residents show huge support for the marathon. Volunteers and spectators come out in droves to help and cheer on the marathon runners and assist to make it a success each year. People help setup hydrating stations for water, concession/snack stations, and portable bathroom stations. And it is all done by enthusiastic volunteers from the St. George community. They embrace the event and love hosting it each year.
Each person's role in the marathon is critical. Whether a volunteer, runner, or spectator, the St George Marathon could not work without everyone contributing their time and efforts. It is a thing of beauty and unifies the St. George community. Because of such a great community volunteer effort, the St George Marathon continues to grow each year it is held and attracts more attention within the marathon community and throughout the USA. 

One of the most scenic marathons in USA

With so much of the southern Utah scenic landscape being included in the marathon's course, it is no wonder why the St. George Marathon is ranked one of the top 10 most scenic marathons in the USA by "Runner's World".

Elevation changes from start to finish

The course stretches across Veyo Volcano, Dammeron Valley, Diamond Valley, Snow Canyon, Twist Hollow, and down through St. George. The race begins at Central Junction at an elevation of 5,240 feet. The finish elevation in St. George is 2,680 feet. The elevation change drops 2,560 total feet of mountainous and beautifully scenic terrain. 

Traveling to St. George

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How it started

The St. George Marathon was started by Sherm Miller. He worked for St. George City in the Parks and Recreation Department. After putting on the Deseret News Marathon in Salt Lake City, he returned to St. George to start the St. George Marathon. He was motivated to begin a great marathon in St. George. As is the case with starting anything new, support for this new venture wasn't the greatest, but he was given permission to move forward and so it began. Once organized, the first St. George Marathon race was held in November of 1977 with dozens of competitors. Today, thousands participate and enjoy it very much.

Are You Competing in the St. George Marathon?

For registered runners in the St. George Marathon, important information such as rules, course maps, times, events, and more can be found in the St. George Marathon Runner's Guide

Be Inspired at the Finish Line 

There is possibly nothing like watching the faces of runners as they cross the finish line of such a physically challenging race. The excitement and anxiety that abounds is an exhilarating thing to be around as a spectator, even if you hate running, but love competition and the triumph of hard work and dedication. The St. George weather in October is hard to beat and makes for a wonderful outdoor event we recommend being apart of whether a local Utahn, or a visitor in town in October. Relax at the finish line and be inspired. You will witness greatness and determination as runners give overcome physical fatigue to accomplish such a challenging feat. 

Vacation Home Lodging Accommodations for St. George Marathon

For your St. George Marathon lodging, Utah's Best Vacation Rentals in southern Utah offers private St. George vacation homes for the St. George Marathon located at the new Paradise Village at Zion in Santa Clara. For runners coming with family or friends, you and your group can comfortably enjoy multiple vacation homes next to each other in the village to accommodate everyone.

When making a vacation out of your St. George Marathon experience, there is no better place to stay than Paradise Village. Competitors love it. Enjoy one the nicest pool in St. George with day and night access - perfect after the race or between events when you want to relax. There is also a large poolside hot tub spa that seats 15-20 people for soaking tired muscles and recuperating from the day. One tip we highly recommend: rent a larger home in the village next to the pool and house everyone. We have homes with built-in barbecues and fire pit lounges to enjoy. 

To make your vacation home reservation at Paradise Village, call Reservations (801) 747-0218 or book online from this website. 

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